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Hi tech Pharmaceuticals PSTD Ltd was established in 1997 by merge of two renowned pharmaceutical companies Shri Shedding Chemical Pvt. and Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Pvt. All technological care is being taken that all information on the listed companies is correct. But due to technicality, some facts may have changed. Therefore visitors are advised to investigate independently.

The main aim of Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is to produce safe, reliable and cost effective medicines for the benefit of human beings. It uses all latest tools and technologies to come up with best in class medicines. It also ensures that the products are made available to the patients suffering from any kind of communicable diseases. It has come up with excellent and innovative concepts to make the work easy for its engineers. They are devoted to serving the patients of UK with all possible effort.

The core values of the company are ‘faith in the science of life’ and ’empower people so that they can live a healthy lifestyle’. All its medicines are produced under environment friendly standards. It also has tie ups with many other manufacturing companies in the field of bio science medicines.

The quality of the medicines produced by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is also high and it has clinical trials for all its drugs. This makes the drugs affordable for all the patients suffering from different types of diseases. The company produces a wide range of drugs like stress, arthritis, diabetes, dental infections etc. In addition to these, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals has a dedicated set of researchers to focus more on the development of new and advanced drugs for the betterment of the mankind.

The drugs are manufactured under the super directions of eminent health and medical experts. These drugs can reduce the number of patients affected by common as well as crucial diseases. Hence we can say that Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals have made a revolution in the field of pharmaceutical engineering.

This is one of the best companies producing therapeutic medicines. The chief aim of this company is to convert its unique and valuable experience and expertise into practical applications. This company has a world class research wing that produces many therapeutic proteins and DNA repair therapies. These medicines are important for fighting against all types of common as well as critical diseases.

One of the most important pharmaceuticals produced by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is their PLM or the Platelet Rich Plasma. This drug helps in reducing the platelets and also reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. With these two medicines developed by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals, the chances of heart attacks or strokes are very less. The medicines are produced in hi-tech laboratories with the help of the latest tools and techniques.

The other important pharmaceuticals produced by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is their Ancra proton pump inhibitors. This is an important medicine used for treating obstructive pulmonary diseases. It improves the function and relieves the patients from the complications of the disease. With these two drugs developed by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals, patients do not have to suffer from any side effects. Hence with these two important medicines developed by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals, the patients can live a healthy and happy life.

The other major pharmaceuticals produced by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals are Xalatan, Anupam and Raxavir. These three medicines are used for the treatment of HIV patients suffering from AIDS. In addition to these, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals also manufactures other useful pharmaceuticals. Some of the important pharmaceuticals manufactured by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals include Travatan, Shilajit, Apil and Triphala.

For the treatment of ovarian cancer, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals has introduced their ovary tumor blocking drugs. These drugs stop the growth of abnormal cells and increase the functions of the ovaries in the female patients. These drugs like SyTNQ and Thyroxine prevent the ovary tissues from getting damaged and also stops the growth of cancerous cells.

Other than these, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals also produces a large variety of generic medicines. These medicines are designed to treat common diseases but lack of adequate research and development have prevented them from entering the international market successfully. However, this situation is changing with the introduction of new advanced medicines coming out every now and then. This has made the field of bio-medical science very dynamic and exciting. Hence, it is not surprising that many drug companies are investing huge amount of money in improving the production quality of Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals.

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