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Hi Tech Animation Zone is a new website that combines the latest technological animation concepts with news and political cartoons to provide its visitors with a unique media experience. In fact, Hi Tech Animation Zone is so impressive that it may actually outshine Wikipedia as the number one site for gathering up-to-date news on cartoons! It features a huge archive of cartoons, short movies and viral video clips from across the web, which are continually being updated.

The site was created by animation experts who specialise in bringing high quality, original computer animations to life. The team boasts a large library of animation artwork, and it is simply a case of locating them and adding them to your personalised My Animation Zone. When you add an animation clip to your My Animation Zone account you can add a personal profile, along with a news article or political cartoon about whatever topic you choose.

In order to keep your animation news feed updated, you have to be a member. For an extra fee, you can therefore have access to an unlimited number of news stories, along with animation, photos and information about your favourite cartoon characters. Your personal profile allows you to make comments on any news story, or add a blog entry to the proceedings. You can also view the latest animation blogs and vote on other articles you are browsing. If you are particularly fond of a particular character, you can even create a fan page and join their community on Facebook or other networking sites.

As well as providing animation news updates, Hi Tech Animation Zone also offers a number of topical cartoon strips that are updated daily. These strips are originally posted on the site’s homepage before being sent out to subscribers through email. Subscribers can then choose to forward the strip, or save it for later viewing. Each strip has been written by a different celebrity, and are therefore topical and relevant to the subject of the particular strip. Therefore, whether you are looking for news regarding animation-related movies or television shows, or comic books or video games, Hi Tech Animation Zone has all the information you need.

The site does require a one-off subscription fee, which will allow you to register and login. This enables you to create a username and password, change your messages, and email address. There is no cost to view the site in its entirety, and the site is constantly updated with new cartoon strips and other information. However, to view the most recent updates, you must login to the site.

One of the key draws of the site is the message board. Here you can discuss issues ranging from movies to comics, animation to anime, and more. For example, if you want to find out the latest update on a specific animation, you can browse the board and see what the latest discussions are. Alternatively, if you have an interest in a specific television show, you can check the message boards to learn what your favourite characters are up to. By participating in the community on this site, you can learn a lot about animation yourself.

The site also features a large archive of animation news, which gives you an up to date summary of everything that animation related has to offer. From the newest animated films to the newest trailers for popular shows, you can find everything you want here. For film novices, the site has some animation news websites, where you can learn a bit about animation before seeing it in full glory. For those who are already cartoon fans, the site offers news, interviews, reviews, and animations of your favourite characters.

While Hi Tech Animation Zone is a great resource for animation news, it does face competition from similar sites on the internet, such as Anime Blogs and animax dot com. However, if you keep up with animation news yourself, you should be able to outrank them all. If you have cartoons of your own to share, you may also wish to sign up for My Animation page, which is a site dedicated to informing the animation community about animation studios and their products.

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