Using a Tech Target To Motivate A Team


TechTarget is an American online business that provides data-driven online marketing services to niche-focused technology vendors. It utilizes purchase intent information gleaned from its 140 + blog readership to assist technology vendors reach more buyers actively searching relevant IT solutions and products. Its mission is to “engage buyers and developers by helping them find the technology they need, the way they need it, and the future they want.”

As a buyer, what is your “tech target”? The answer varies person-to-person depending on factors such as your needs, interests, preferences, etc. The goal for a buyer is to find products or services that fulfill its needs and that are cost-effective to do so. To be the winner in this game, a smart player must first determine his or her tech target.

After knowing his or her tech target, a player must then analyze its strengths and weaknesses. A strong point is to know the industry the target speaks and behaves. For example, if the target’s industry speaks of finance, then a player must learn what types of finance related content will appeal to the target. Likewise, if the industry that speaks of computers addresses financial topics, then a player must get a grasp of the language to understand and analyze the market trends related to computer technology.

To get the best score, a player must analyze his or her target and identify its three critical categories (the top five). Next, a player must figure out how to apply this knowledge to the identified categories. Once a player has identified the three key factors that will drive his or her target’s growth, then he or she can start crafting a strategy to increase those factors’ influence. This strategy should involve strategies on strengthening each category, developing a new strategy for a given category, and repeating strategies over each of the three rounds.

Once a player has identified the key factors, he or she must combine those factors into a realistic round-by-round game scenario. For example, in the first round, the target might only have two items in its stock. That doesn’t mean the target is obsolete; it simply means that the odds are against developing more items in that category in that round. To create a winning strategy, a player must apply the knowledge gained from analyzing the target to develop strategies for developing more items.

The second round involves attacking the target from all angles. The goal in this round is not just to get the best score possible but to develop strategies for attacking the target from every possible angle. For this objective, the best score that can be achieved would be the highest score that can be reached in the allotted three rounds. Therefore, the first strategy for an offensive player during the second round is to attack the target from all sides using as many darts as possible.

In the third round, a player must focus on developing strategies for developing new items that have already been developed. There are two factors for this: either the player has developed a strategy for developing items, or he hasn’t yet developed one. If the former happens, a player should re-evaluate his strategy; if the latter has not happened yet, the player must develop a new strategy. Once the third round is complete, the players can then identify the areas where they will need improvements in order to achieve the best score possible. The most common areas in which individuals experience difficulty include their strike speed, their aim, their throwing and their overall scoring. By analyzing the analysis during the recent March 2021 Tech Target Challenge, these areas were found to be quite variances between players.

This case study provides insight into what can happen if a person does not take action immediately when developing a strategy. Most likely, a person will have to spend some time on the driving range working with his team coach until he can develop a strategy that works for him. However, it should also be emphasized that it will probably take a lot of trial and error before a strategy can work for an individual. For this reason, individuals who do not have the luxury of having a coach should consider practicing on the driving range to improve their aim, throwing and overall game play. If a person can do that successfully, he should certainly look into achieving a perfect score during the last round of the Tech Target Challenge.

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