The CFTC Technology Trading Market


The C4e Tech is an interesting new company that has just started. This is a new non-govt company set up to trade in the UK financial market. It trades as “Tech Private Limited”, and according to its website states that this company is “established to trade in the futures markets, particularly the European market”. As such it does not actually do any commodity trading, instead trading in futures and options. The company does say that it has signed “agreements” with CFTC (Confederated Futures Trading Commission) and the CFTC itself says that it does not trade or provide any sort of futures or option trading services.

So what is the company doing then? According to its present status, it appears that the C4e tech private limited company will be dealing primarily in non-govt company related activities. Such activities may include CFTC related activities such as clearing and settling trades, in addition to CFTC related activities such as applying for CFTC approval for its underlying contracts. If it chooses to take on additional CFTC approved clients it may be able to expand its offering to include other commodity markets and at least one international market.

What types of CFTC approved products could the company have access to then? Well, as already stated that it does not trade in actual commodity trading, but it does have access to CFTC approved products that are related to the commodity markets. So it could be able to trade in wheat for example, as well as other agricultural products. The C4e tech private limited also has the authority to offer CFTC-approved capital notes, forward contract positions, swap agreements, and swap execution orders.

Does this company have an exclusive trader? It does not. It is one of several members of what is called an “asset management group”, which has been accredited with the Investment Trust Association. So it is not a member of the Financial Service Authority, but it is an authorized investment advisor, or EA. This means it is required to follow certain investment guidelines set out by the FSA, and must meet minimum listing requirements for members of the Financial Services Authority who are also members of the CFTC. As an individual investor, you may not need to register yourself as an EA in order to trade in these markets.

Does this company have a company designation appointment date? It does. On its website it states: “The C4e Currency Tracking System (CFTC), a member of the Financial Service Board (FSAB) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FIRIA), is a United Kingdom firm that provides trading platforms and quantitative analysis software applications to both private and public investors in Europe. The company was established in 2021.”

Is this trading software a part of an investment firm? It is not. It is intended solely to provide information to traders in order to facilitate their trading decisions. There is nothing about this trading platform or software that is intended to make profits for the trader; it is rather intended to provide necessary information and reduce risk of loss.

Are there any guarantees/warrants associated with the CFTC? There are none – there is only one set of rules that any trader who signs on with the company is required to obey and that is the “entailment of trading orders”. These orders are always held by brokers, not by the traders themselves, and are subject to the restrictions and regulations set out by the FSA, and the rules of the Financial Services Authority.

How is the compensation plan decided? The amount will depend on the size of the firm – the more traders and the more investment opportunities, the larger the capitalization of the company will be. However, that does not mean that a small investor will not be able to invest in the CFTC. Anyone can become a member of the company.

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