Trijatta IT Canteen


Trijatta Technological Institute is situated in Urdu Qalandia. The institute is associated with the Pakistan Institute of Technology and has been offering quality courses and educational programs for many years. In fact, they have been offering their programs to students from different countries for quite some time now. Students from various countries can benefit form the various programs and courses offered at Trijatta.

The canteen offers a variety of dining options, snack foods and desserts, and fast food services. They have integrated modern facilities into their campus. The canteen is fully equipped with air-conditioning and heating systems. They also have separate room for medical emergencies too. In case of any emergency, you will be provided immediate medical assistance.

As Trijatta is located in Urdu Qalandia, the students can easily connect with their peers from other schools. The campus has various clubs and societies too. Various clubs and societies have their own cafeteria where students can sit and eat. At the cafeteria, students can communicate with each other in Urdu. This will help them to learn and socialize with their peers and other students from their college.

The cafeteria serves delicious meals every day. Students can choose from the delicious food offered. You will find Chinese, Continental, and Indian dishes. Students can even have lunch and dinner cooked in the house for them.

The Trijatta Tech canteen has integrated video conferencing. Students can take part in online classes and lectures. They can chat with their teachers, classmates and friends. Video conferencing can help them to know various things from various places.

The canteen also has a children’s play area. There are different types of slides and games available for children to play. The Trijatta IT cafe is open during the days and nights. There are many cafes around the site from where students can get coffee and snacks. Wi-Fi internet access facility is available in the rooms and the cafeteria.

The Trijatta IT canteen serves the best quality food. The students can choose from the menu available. The food is available in different forms including stir fry, pachadi, naan, kebabs, flat breads etc. There are also several snacks available for students.

The IT students can avail the various facilities provided by these IT catering services. The prices are very reasonable. The students can make good amount of money if they do a good job. This can help them to get more chances and opportunities. This can be considered as an excellent way to start a new career in Trijatta.

The Trijatta IT canteen offers a variety of options for dining. There are three restaurants which have separate spaces. These are the cafeteria, the lounge and the dining area. The services provided here include the provision of the food which is free of cost. Some additional dishes and snacks are also available for sale. The students can also make use of the free cafeteria services.

Snacks are available for students under low priced meals. The Trijatta Tech canteen staff is available here to serve students with their requests and queries. They also ensure that the students are entertained. The entertainment here comprises of the dance, music and other activities.

Trijatta also has a restaurant which provides delicious and mouth watering food. Various dishes are available here including the Trijatta Restaurant which is located at the Science Centre. This restaurant provides the students with various international dishes. This restaurant also serves the students with various entrees which are prepared by the experienced chefs. The other options available here include the Italian restaurant and Indian restaurant.

TrijattaTech also has a swimming pool. Here, the students can take a dip or can simply relax in the swimming pool. The pool is located at the Science Centre. There are various other pool areas located at Trijatta. The lounge is an extension of the Science Centre and it provides seating for the students.

The Trijatta IT canteen staff ensures that the students here get the best of the facilities available here. There is a provision for the students to order their favorite foods. Students can also go for ice creams and other snacks. These facilities are offered by the trijatta tech.

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