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Real Tech Data Management Solution (RTDSM) is a premier database management system for real time chemical indicators. With the latest in computer technology and database design capabilities, Real Tech DMS offers accurate, real time database management solutions for instant detection of unsafe drinking water, easy, flexible, plug in water quality testing services for non-line discharges, laboratory collection, and analytical management. Real Tech’s database management software features an intuitive user interface that allows you to view your entire database, easily sort and search specific types of chemicals and other parameters, and run reports and analyses on your own schedule. This powerful, easy to use database solution is accessible anywhere, anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection. Best of all, Real Tech’s DMS gives unlimited scalability to meet your analytical needs.

The exclusive Real Tech Data Management solution includes several types of analyzers designed to meet your unique analytical needs. Some of the popular types include: non-line discharges, water quality analyzers, mobile contaminant analyzers, comprehensive contaminant analyzers, multi-site contaminant analyzers, real time monitoring solutions and odor detection analyzers. All of these high performance analyzers are highly effective for comprehensive and detailed analysis of hazardous waste water.

Non-line discharges are the most challenging to monitor and manage. These hazardous wastes pose significant risks to the environment due to their volume, potential sources of leakage and flammability. In order to ensure safe storage and transportation of this liquid, as well as to minimize the risk of leaks and spillage, companies should implement leak detectors. In the case of non-line discharges, the leak detectors will provide alerts if the volume of liquid is too high, or if another leakage event is imminent. These solutions can also detect any changes in pressure, temperatures, or other parameters that may indicate the start of a possible leak.

Water quality monitors are designed to monitor the quality and purity of treated water. This solution is used to protect public health and safety as well as to reduce waste at waste water plants. A water quality monitor can detect problems before they become severe. Some of the most common types of water quality monitors include: cartridge monitor, submersible sump monitor, ultraviolet light microchip monitor, digital thermometer and infrared thermometer.

Aquaculture water management systems are designed to promote healthy water for livestock. Aquaculture is the process of raising and harvesting freshwater fish and other aquatic organisms for human consumption. With aquaculture, companies are able to produce more food than what would be possible with natural and normal farming practices. However, managing freshwater fish is more complex than just keeping a few fish in a pond. These systems provide a comprehensive solution to the challenges associated with water quality management.

A real time submersible sump pump is an effective way to monitor a specific area. It is designed to alert the operator if water levels fall below a certain level. In the event of an emergency, the pump can save lives by diverting the contaminated water to a safer location. It will also alert the operator of the problem so that action can be taken before it worsens. This solution is commonly used in municipal and industrial water plants to prevent damage to equipment and property.

The ultraviolet (UV) water probe can detect molecular activity that is normally undetectable. UV water testing kits are widely available and can easily be added to existing systems. These UV solutions can detect a wide range of contaminants including: bacteria, fungi, cysts, viruses, metals, and other hazardous materials. These UV systems can provide critical data on the composition of water and the effects of temperature and pH changes. This data is essential when developing new treatment processes.

Real time submersible sump pumps are becoming more common in municipal and industrial water plants. They provide an affordable monitoring solution for existing piping systems, and can be incorporated into new pipe systems to provide even greater protection. If your water system needs monitoring, consider an available Real Tech solution.

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