Rohit K Verma’s Support For Nisha Rawal


Having been in a long-term relationship, Karan and Nisha married in November 2012. In 2017, the couple welcomed their first child, son Kavish. In November 2018, the couple announced that they would be divorcing. The couple is currently living in Mumbai, India. The couple is a popular couple, and Nisha is a huge supporter of Karan.

Rohit K Verma’s support for Nisha Rawal

Rohit K Verma expressed his support for Nisha Rawal, who recently accused her husband of domestic violence. Rohit responded to trolls who were targeting Nisha, asking them if they supported physical abuse or not. He also said he would support Nisha and that she should not be shamed for speaking out about her situation.

Rohit K Verma, who is known for his role in Bigg Boss, has tweeted his support for Nisha Rawal, a fellow contestant on the reality show. The fashion designer has publicly expressed his support for Nisha after sharing a picture of her head injury. He said he has watched Nisha suffer in silence for years, and it breaks his heart that she chose to speak up now. He also revealed that he never expected Nisha to speak up, and that he had never expected her to, either. He revealed that Nisha has never been a vocal person, and that he had no idea she would be this open with the public.

While Rohit K Verma is supportive of Nisha Rawal, he also praised Karan Mehra’s performance in the drama. The two actors were married for nine years, but separated after Nisha Rawal accused Karan Mehra of physical abuse. The accused actor denied the allegations, claiming Nisha was having an extramarital affair with Rohit Satia, another actor who is also in the show.

As of now, the two actors have not spoken to each other since Nisha’s Bigg Boss exit, although they were very close before the show. However, Rohit did not deny that Nisha had a hard time getting over her husband. He has avoided all interviews with Nisha about Karan Mehra and her recent accusations.

Karan Mehra’s support for Nisha Rawa has prompted several reactions from the public. In a recent press convention, the actor claimed that he was receiving death threats and that he filed a defamation suit against Munisha Khatwani, Nisha Rawal’s best friend. The actor’s support for Nisha Rawal was welcomed by many but the public’s reaction to the situation is much different.

Rohit K Verma’s support of Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra’s divorce has prompted many to question Rohit K Verma’s decision to step aside as Nisha’s attorney. In the meantime, Verma’s comments about Karan’s affair are deemed to be untrue, and Nisha’s lawyer has denied he had any knowledge of the affair.

Relationship with Nisha Rawal

The relationship between the two actors is one of the most talked about ones in the industry. Rohit and Nisha were together for many years, and they were a popular couple, and he supported her when she made accusations of domestic violence against her husband Karan Mehra. During this time, Rohit responded to the trolls who were harassing Nisha on social media and asked them if they were in favour of physical abuse and domestic violence.

While many believe that Karan and Nisha were never married, this is not the case. Karan and Nisha Rawal were only together for nine years, but had been friends for many more. Karan and Nisha have one son together, Kavish. The couple also have a daughter, Aasha, who was born two years ago.

The couple’s relationship was tested when Karan Mehra was arrested for alleged assault. After the arrest, Nisha Rawal filed a lawsuit against the actor, accusing him of physical abuse and an extramarital affair. Both Karan and Nisha denied the charges and continued their relationship. However, Rohit Verma remained in Karan Mehra’s life and played a significant role in his life.

Kashmera Shah, a close friend of Nisha Rawal, has made a controversial claim about their relationship. In a recent interview, she accused Karan of hitting her and blaming him for messing up the couple’s finances. However, after seeing a photo of Karan and Nisha, Kashmera changed her stance and said she wouldn’t take sides.

Relationship with Karan Mehra

In a recent interview, Rohit Satia denied having an affair with Nisha Rawal. He said that he lives in Lucknow with his wife Nidhi and their child. However, he cannot deny the fact that he is in love with Nisha. In the interview, Rohit says that he does not want to start an affair with Nisha and that they are not a couple yet.

It has been a long time since Nisha and Karan have been dating. After four years of dating, Nisha filed a complaint against the actor for cheating on her. In the same year, Karan was arrested on a domestic violence case. However, he was granted bail hours later. The two have been talking about their relationship since their separation. Recently, Karan shared details about Nisha’s friends.

After the brawl, Nisha filed a complaint. She alleged that Karan had hit her and the couple had problems. She even blamed Karan for messing up their finances. However, she later changed her mind and said that she would not take sides in the matter. She also said that she cannot stay silent about the situation because it is embarrassing to others.

After dating for years, Karan and Nisha married in November 2012. They had a child together in 2017. Kavish was born in 2017, following their wedding. The couple has three children together. Karan Mehra is a successful actor and he is also a producer. He was known for his work in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehta Hai.

In June of this year, Karan Mehra was arrested. His girlfriend filed an assault complaint against Karan and he was later granted bail from a police station. He has been charged with IPC sections 336, 337, and criminal intimidation. While it is still unknown if the incident was sexual in nature, it is an unfortunate development. There are a number of factors to consider when dating someone.

After the arrest, the actress Nisha Rawal filed a civil suit against her husband. The lawsuit claims that the actor was involved in an extramarital affair and acted violently towards his wife. Karan Mehra denied the allegations against him and filed for bail after she made the complaint. Their friends have expressed great support for Nisha Rawal. They posted pictures of her on social media.

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