Communist Party of India Kerala Palakkad (CPIM) Worker K Shajahan’s Death Sparks BJP-RSS Debate


The Communist Party of India (CPIM) is in a battle with the BJP and the RSS for the support of the people in Kerala. A local committee member from the CPIM, Shajahan, was hacked to death in Malampuzha village in the district. The Communist Party of India (Marxist) worker was 40 years old. He was also suspected of killing a BJP leader in 2008. The police officer alleged that the attack was part of a political rivalry.


The death of 40-year-old CPIM worker K Shajahan has triggered an intense debate on the role of the BJP in the killing. A local committee member of the CPI(M) was murdered in Malampuzha in the state’s Palakkad district on August 14. The Kerala CPIM state secretariat has claimed that the killing is the work of RSS-BJP activists. The state secretariat has also claimed that the CPIM party workers questioned the alleged criminals and drug dealing gangs.

Several political leaders have condemned the attack on Shajahan, a member of the CPI(M) local committee in Palakkad. A group of five to eight people attacked him and hacked him to death. Police suspect that the attack was motivated by political rivalry. The chief minister and other leaders have condemned the attack and ordered the police to leave no stone unturned in the investigation. A meeting of all party leaders in Palakkad has been called on Monday.

Though the Congress and the BJP are ideologically opposed, neither are the parties responsible for every political murder in Kerala. Further, the CPI(M) cannot hide its crimes by reciting the bogey of the Sangh Parivar. In fact, the social media accounts of many suspected CPI(M) members and activists have proven their political affiliation. Thus, despite its faults, the CPIM will probably suffer more fractures in Kerala.


The deadly clash between the BJP and the Communist Party of India in Kerala is the latest in a long line of political violence. While the CPI(M) has denied any links with the killing, the BJP has claimed that the Left government is helping the PFI and the SDPI. The BJP and Congress have defended their right-wing counterparts. The BJP’s state president K Surendran has claimed that the situation in Kerala poses a danger to the country. He asked why the state government is opposing a CBI probe and accused the Left government of whitewashing the RSS and the CPI(M).

The BJP and the CPI(M) are ideologically opposed, but there are many similarities between the two parties. The BJP has been accused of being responsible for political murders in Kerala, while the CPI(M) is accused of stockpiling arms. Neither the CPI(M) nor the Congress can deny it committed such crimes. Their own social media profiles also show their political affiliations.

The local leader of the ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist) has been killed in a violent attack on Sunday. The CPI(M) has blamed the BJP and the RSS for the murder, but the BJP denies any involvement. The killing of CPI(M) local committee member Shajahan in a Malampuzha village has thrown the Left party into a vicious political war. The incident has led to a shutdown of the local panchayat in Marutha Road, a town in the region.


The ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist) has made a big presence in the state of Kerala. The state’s Vice President, KS Radhakrishnan, slammed the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) over an alleged murder of an RSS worker in Palakkad. In an interview, Radhakrishnan argued that the RSS was “really insidious” and that the party had a history of political violence.

In an attempt to regain lost ground in Kerala, the Sangh Parivar has used communal discord to incite Hindus to rally under the saffron flag. The Palakkad incident is the result of this toxic us-versus-them political line. In a statement, the Congress-led United Democratic Front has reacted cautiously to the violence. But it is difficult to predict how long such rhetoric will continue.

While Govindan has a valid point about rising communal tensions, he should have avoided commenting on premeditated killings. Such comments put the government on the defensive. After all, maintaining law and order is the primary responsibility of any government. To suggest that it cannot do so is defamatory. It also undermines the credibility of the LDF government. We must take a stand against communal violence in Kerala, and not kowtow to the communists’ dirty tricks.

The state secretariat of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) is directly accusing the BJP-RSS of the murder. The party’s state secretary, C Krishnakumar, disputed the CPI(M)’s claims and called it “false propaganda”.

Local committee member Shajahan

The murder of Communist Party of India Kerala Palakkad (CPI(M)) local committee member Shajahan has sparked a political crisis in the state. The CPI(M) has claimed that the RSS-BJP combine was behind the attack. The BJP has denied the allegation and cited the police. Police are investigating the case. Shajahan’s body is being kept at a hospital in Palakkad and teams are looking for his killers. The victim’s family has alleged that the killers planned the murder long before and that the murder was not a random act but a well-planned and planned attack. The victim’s family has said that the accused has left the CPI(M) and was a BJP member long before the killing.

The suspected killer has a background in politics and is currently facing a murder trial. He was accused of murdering BJP activist Aruchami in 2008. The case also involved two Communist Party of India state secretaries. In addition to his murder, Shajahan had previously worked for the CPI(M) state secretariat. In a Facebook post, the Chief Minister condemned the murder and said the BJP and Left party will take stern action against those who tried to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere in Kerala. He also directed the police to leave no stone unturned.

The gang that killed Shajahan was reportedly affiliated with the BJP and RSS. The BJP has denied any involvement, while the Congress is siding with the BJP on this front. The state Congress chief has also sided with the right-wing, claiming that the murder was not the work of a single party. It is unclear if the gang’s motive was political or religious, but the CPIM is confident that it is the work of the RSS.

CPIM’s presence in panchayats

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) first won a lok sabha seat in Assam in 1974. Nurul Huda defeated the Indian National Congress candidate Mahitosh Purkayastha in an early 1974 by-election. The party later won one seat in Bihar in 1980 and one in 1991. It also has representation in the rajyasabha in Bihar. The party is strong in panchayats, and this is evident from the election results.

While the BJP dominated the election, the CPM’s presence in Palakkad remains a strong presence. The party has seized two out of three grama panchayats and retained one, the Kizhakkambalam panchayat. It has also been noted that Twenty:20 has taken away votes from the LDF and UDF. The party’s strong showing has made it possible to take the lead in forming the panchayat.

CPIM’s win in Malappuram is one of its most impressive electoral gains in Kerala. The party has won 30 panchayats out of 94 and four municipalities out of twelve. The party retained Perinthalmanna, Tirur and Ponnani municipalities. It also won the Perumpatappu block panchayatappu.

CPIM’s win in Kottayam comes as a surprise to many observers. The party won the most gram panchayats with 68 votes, while the UDF won nine. In Kollam, the RSP split from the LDF and contested 11 gram panchayats. It won 9 seats in Kollam corporation and four in district panchayats.

CPIM’s alleged complicity in murder

During a hearing of the murder case in Kerala Palakkad, the High Court of Kerala quoted Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote: “Tolerance is a form of violence, and it stands in the way of a genuine democratic spirit.” In his judgment, he cited two judgments by the High Court against prominent CPM leaders in the state.

The state secretariat of the CPIM said that the RSS is responsible for the killing of the Malampuzha CPIM local committee member Shajahan. According to the party’s statement, a group of BJP-RSS workers, led by CPIM leader T P Chandrasekharan, is behind the crime. However, the state secretariat of the CPI(M) has denied this and warned against premature speculations.

On the eve of Independence Day, a CPI(M) local committee member Shajahan was hacked to death in the Palakkad district. A gang of eight people arrived on motorbikes near Shajahan’s house and attacked him. The victim was rushed to the hospital, but doctors declared him dead. CPIM leaders and local party leaders are denying their complicity in the murder.

The killing was a political vendetta against the deceased. He was an emerging political party leader and had been a prominent public figure in his district. The motive for the murder was political animosity, and the accused 1 to 7 were merely tools of this political enmity. While the police have arrested four of the accused, it is not clear whether the other seven have been arrested or not.

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